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  • How Does Relieve Work?
    Relieve uses a standard strategy based on the current value of home. Relieve purchases debt and provides a cash payout for no more than 70% of home's current value. Agreement will specify buy out totals as well as specify owner's monthly payment of 1% of home's current value. Homeowners have up to 5 years to end the partnership and buy out Relieve according to the pre set terms. Homeowners also have the opportunity to walk away from home anytime before the 5 year period by executing a buy out from Relieve or selling the home via open market.
  • How Does Relieve Homes Benefit Me?
    Relieve's strategy provides relief from losing home to a foreclosure auction. Relief provides a unique and creative strategy to bring in financial partners to settle any outstanding debts on the home in exchange for fair equity. Relieve also helps homeowners access equity and draw out cash, which is often very difficult through traditional lenders.
  • Is Relieve Homes a lender?
    No Relieve is not a lender. Relieve is comprised of real estate commercial investors and come alongside you as a partner for program funding.
  • Who owns the home with a Relieve partnership?
    To secure and protect the funding partners' investment, Relieve secures an equity stake in ownership. You maintain 100% control of home and the home cannot be sold or transferred without written consent from you as the owner.
  • How do I quality for a Relieve partnership?
    To qualify for a Relieve partnership, Relieve will review your asset and income to determine if they meet our investment criteria. Although a traditional criteria includes minimum 30% equity and a minimum monthly gross income of 3x the monthly payment; Relieve can sometimes offer secondary strategies for homeowners that fail to meet our criteria.
  • Do I need great credit?
    Relieve operates on an asset based strategy, therefore credit scores don't matter. It does not matter if you are in forbearance, behind on taxes, currently in foreclosure, or in bankruptcy status.
  • Who maintains the home?
    You do, it's still your home. You live in the home and continue to keep it maintained. Relieve can assist with repairs if necessary in exchange for additional equity share.
  • Can Relieve make decisions with my home without me?
    No, you maintain 100% control of the home, and it is spelled out in the agreement. Relieve cannot make any decisions including the sale or transfer of your home without your written consent.
  • Can I cancel a partnership after I signed and agreed?
    We want you to be completely satisfied and happy with your decision. You are able to cancel the partnership anytime before funding is finalized. After funding is finalized, you will have the option to buy out Relieve and we will work with you to get it done.
  • What happens if I default on my monthly payment with Relieve?
    Our goal is to work with you so that you can maintain your home. If we have exhausted all options and you are still unable to pay the monthly payment, we unfortunately would have to seek full possession according to the rights of our agreement. Upon granted possession, we will list and sell home for highest value in which we will deduct the agreed buy out price to Relieve plus 6% commission. Any and all remaining proceeds in excess of the aforementioned expenses will be paid directly to you.
  • What happens with my current mortgage?
    Say goodbye to it. Funding will pay off any existing mortgage(s), lien(s), taxes, etc, to ensure the home is free and clear.
  • What fees can I look forward to?
    Relieve believes in being truly transparent when dealing with fees. In order to finalize a partnership, fees will include up to 3% of the funding amount for closing costs plus a 2.5% program fee to Relieve. Homeowner agrees to pay a monthly fee to Relieve equal to 1% of the home's current value. When you choose to buy out Relieve you will be assessed an additional 2.5% processing fee.
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