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Avoid an Auction Strategy:
Retail Sale

Highest Value - Highest Availability

Retail sale option fits best when in you have time to nurture the process in an effort to earn the highest value in the sale of your home. Typically, a retail sale buyer is an end buyer who will live in the home and finance through a traditional lender. Therefore, minor repairs may be necessary, and the home may need to be made presentable in order to draw the highest offer price.

Benefits of Retail Sale

Highest Value

Sell home for the highest value in order to earn the highest profit possible.

End Buyers

You are selling the home to end users who will live in the home. Most end buyers are willing to pay more for the home due to it being a long term purchase.

Pay Lower Fees

We're able to implement a program that enables you to pay less fees and commissions than you would by using a Realtor and net the same results.

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